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and the dream of the nineties is alive and well there too (If you didn't catch the Portlandia reference, you might as well skip this whole paragraph and... Read more
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  the next book club is on March 25th, 6 PM at Cafe Curuba. The first meeting was super nice. We had seven people -including one Cafe Curuba... Read more
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 there's been a lot of talk around here about taking classes. It's a personal favorite subject of mine; this morning, I spend 45 minutes lost on the sites... Read more
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  desserts don't really do it for me. I'll go double appetizer any day. But every once in a while a good flan really hits the spot. And... Read more
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  it had been years since I visited Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, so when I went a few weeks ago I walked around the whole time smacking myself... Read more
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  the Coral Gables Kitchen Tour is an annual event put on by the Coral Gables Community Foundation - seeing as I'm both a life-long Gables-er and an... Read more
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  I don't mess around with Mexican. I'm loyal to cheap Mexican restaurants and basically refuse to pay for fancy-schmancy Mexican - if it's not a real hole-in-the-wall... Read more
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you've heard legends of Cuban Cowboys - horse riding, belt makin', leather devotees - well, maybe that's exactly the legend, but there is one Cuban Cowboy, Luis, with... Read more
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i never thought I'd see the day when I get in the habit of pouring my self a (small) glass of straight rum - on the regular. I'm... Read more
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the new farmer's market at the Arsht Center is on Mondays from 4 - 8 PM. Farm fresh produce including tropical fruits and all your weekday regular fruits... Read more
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