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photo by claudia uribe the new world symphony has too long been a mystery. You know what building I'm talking about, the glass and white building across the... Read more
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  c. Madeline's is a dizzying experience. But if you're a fashion enthusiast of any kind and haven't visited this, no joke, historic place - clear your calendar... Read more
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   the answer is sadly neither, just an oil dude with a dream. These homes, in Cape Romano, Florida, were built by Bob Lee as a self-sustaining, solar... Read more
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  gretel home is a Miami-based online shop that I got the chance to see in person over the holidays. Run by Abby Kellett from her home in... Read more
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  on a drive down to Homestead I pulled a U-ie and swerved into El Rinconcito Salvadoreno. I watched some novelas on Univision from the counter and ordered... Read more
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last night was the very first The Moth in Miami and the stories were slamming. If you're unfamiliar with The Moth, it's an NPR initiativ, and Saturday afternoon show,... Read more
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Lucie of Jacmel & Co. and I met by Basel-magic. I was sitting around in a food coma at the Soho House (have you had the burger there?!)... Read more
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when they say "superfood" this is clearly what they mean. If you're not feeling the like a xxxcore green juice - this Frozen Vanilla Brain-Achino is like a Frap... Read more
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  i'm trying to think of things that are sold by promising more than they actually are, but are still kind of worth it - all that comes... Read more
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someone recently asked me about museums in Miami dedicated to specific topics. Like, small, little museums exploring one theme or era. I told them there's the Goldcoast Railroad... Read more
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