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  i've been introduced to the idyllic life of picking a mango a day from my backyard and I don't know if I'll ever be able to go... Read more
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        first of all, did you know that flamingoes aren't born pink? Second, did you know there's an island in the Bahamas with a flamingo population... Read more
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all hail the chai "mylk" at Temple in South Miami.  I'll try just about any vegan place (so if you know of one and haven't seen it covered on... Read more
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  once in a while, inspiration strikes and its so damn clear that all must be dropped in the pursuit of a good DIY. Such was the case... Read more
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There's a nice event tonight at Bardot called Young Artist Initiative. "Young" "Artist" and "Initiative" are all words that catch my attention, so I decided to have a little... Read more
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  in an article published by the New York Times, with some sort of fancy cover art that newspapers nowadays just aren't doing, George Merrick discusses the growth... Read more
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There's a nice event on Thursday at Bardot called Young Artist Initiative. Those are all words that catch my attention, so I decided to have a little chat... Read more
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  the Barnacle Historic State Park in Coconut Grove.  If you haven't been the The Barnacle, you should check out their events calendar and check out one of... Read more
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  just wanted to take a few quick minutes to talk about pizza.  Miami may not be known as a pizza city, but we've been lucky to feel... Read more
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  a super nice modern tea set found at the reliably shady Flamingo Plaza in Hialeah. Oh - and the tray too! My handy, dandy boyfriend sanded down... Read more
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