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  a super nice modern tea set found at the reliably shady Flamingo Plaza in Hialeah. Oh - and the tray too! My handy, dandy boyfriend sanded down... Read more
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  does anyone have any tips about how to make fresh conch salad? Caught this conch and had it skinned by a Bahamian professional, hammered it using a... Read more
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  if the internet is full of deep dark holes, consider me an explorer with one of those flashlights strapped to my head, lost in the deepest, darkest,... Read more
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  if there was ever a more Miami dress, I can't remember it. This dress feels distinctly different than the Delpozo store in the Design District, but we... Read more
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We can't resist a nice tea party and there's no such thing as a tea party without flowers (and booze...) - so the girls at Lemon City Tea... Read more
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let's start saving these houses in Little Havana before it turns into New Brickell. Who's with me? ... Read more
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  this helmut newton photo seemed like a good excuse to talk about the alligator bites on the menu at Lokal and Kush (by the way, if this... Read more
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and the dream of the nineties is alive and well there too (If you didn't catch the Portlandia reference, you might as well skip this whole paragraph and... Read more
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  the next book club is on March 25th, 6 PM at Cafe Curuba. The first meeting was super nice. We had seven people -including one Cafe Curuba... Read more
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 there's been a lot of talk around here about taking classes. It's a personal favorite subject of mine; this morning, I spend 45 minutes lost on the sites... Read more
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