get out at the freehand

if you've only been to the Freehand at night, for cocktails crafted by the mad scientists of the Broken Shaker, consider visiting during the day when all the design details have sunshine, happiness and quite literally "LOVE" sprayed all over the place. 


The Freehand is the much lauded, not-at-all-creepy hostel that houses the best new bar in Miami - The Broken Shaker. Not to sound like a magazine geared at middle-aged couples in relationship ruts, but if you want to plan a Miami "staycation" this should be your top pick. If you're visiting Miami, whether or not you're on a budget, you should bump The Freehand to the top of your list. Consider it just an additional perk that one of the hippest hotels in town, if not, the hippest, is a very, very affordable place to stay. 

The Broken Shaker is open during the day and there's a little menu for munchies if it starts to look like there are two pools there. There are also regular events like a Bloody Mary contest, art and cocktail mixers, art classes, Saturday morning beach yoga and more. If you'd like to imagine your life as part haute-hippie-art-colony you should probably start spending more time at The Freehand. 

Go ahead and book a room, have some drinks at The Broken Shaker, go ice skating at the Scott Rakow Youth Center around the corner for $14 and then come back and keep drinking and go in the pool. You're welcome friends. We know, we've never heard of a nicer way to spend the weekend either.