lifecation list



live life like it's a vacation and get out and explore the city.

This is a living list, meaning I'll be updating it with your suggestions and recommendations so shoot them this with @miaminicemag on Instagram and Twitter or

Next time you need a little weekend activity, come back here, check out our Lifecation list and get moving. Put on a fake accent and pretend you're visiting, braid your hair into pigtails and get those sneakers on and see the city with some new eyes. 


Picnic At Alice Wainwright Park. 

When I did it we picked up sandwiches with manchego and jamon serrano at a Spanish market next to a gas station and may or may not have sneaked in some sangria. But you don't have to follow my menu to enjoy the bay view at Alice Wainwright Park, located on the mainland, just off the Key Biscayne bridge. 

Just off the Rickenbacker and SE 32nd Road


Rent A DecoBike

The DecoBikes are pretty hard to miss on South Beach, but did you know that you can also deco around Surfside and Bay Harbour Islands? Explore the rest of the beach. You know, that mysterious part above 15th Street. Make a day of it and bike the 79th Street Causeway to the best sushi-spot-you've-never-heard-of. The crypic "Japanese Market" is just 



Get Trippy at the Laser Light Show at Miami Museum of Science 

The first Friday of each month a bunch of red eyed, squinty people show up for the Laser Light Show at the Miami Museum of Science. If ya know what I mean. Kick back and catch a Pink Floyd, Beatles or Bob Marley show at 9, 10, 11 or Midnight. 

3280 South Miami Ave 



Swim Nude at Haulover Beach

If you're worried you'll run into someone you know, you should stop and remember that they too are spending a day naked at the beach, so you've got nothing to be ashamed of. Bare it all and even out those tan lines at Haulover Beach, Miami's famed public nude beach located just down the street for Bal Harbour, where people are doing the exact opposite and layering on as much expensive clothes as they can. Be free my friends. 

10800 Collins Ave



Drink at Schnebly's 

You can get pretty loopy off of housemade mango and lychee wine at Schnedbly Redland's Winery for only $10 a tasting. They've expanded their operation as the southernmost winery in the country into beer, so if you're less a wine-o and more a hop-head, they've got you covered too. 

30204 SW 217th Ave



Bike Shark Valley 

You know what they say, a little gator never hurt anyone. Well, that's not entirely true and no one really says it but as far as I know no one has ever been eaten by an alligator while biking the Shark Valley loop - even though you can have some pretty close encounters. Make a day of it, head to the Everglades and pack a picnic to eat on the observation deck halfway through the loop. 

36000 SW 8th St




Find The Botanist In You At The Kampong

The Kampong is an 11 acre garden right on Douglar Road off Main Highway in Coconut Grove. Meaning, you've probably passed the big red gates about a gillion times without giving it much of a thought, but there's a whole mysterious world of plants and trees that include things like the "egg fruit" and "peanut butter fruit." 

4013 S Douglas Road



Hang Out With This Guy and His Buddies at Everglades Outpost

His friends include lions, lemurs, tigers, wolves, emus, monkeys and more that have all been rescued and live in harmony. This animal sanctuary is full of exotic animals that were bought to be pets and be like, all Hangover or something. The Everglades Outpost is open to the public. Fall in love with one of the creatures, we're partial to the lemurs, and "adopt" him by donating to the cause. A new pet without the mess of housebreaking that tiger. 

35601 SW 192nd Ave

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