mrka's mural

these days around Wynwood, in the pre-Art Basel flurry, the streets are full of empty spray paint cans jingling around, the walls have been painted over (even Panther Coffee's walls have been replaces by a solid dark gray) and new street art is covering every inch - except for those walls marked "Reserved" who are probably waiting for their artists to fly in any day now and start their taping and painting process. Mrka, pronounced maraca, is one such artist with one such wall. 
The Madrid born, NY artists spends a lot of time around here. His latest piece is on N Miami Ave and 25th Street. 
More of Mrka's work will be at Gregg Sheinbaum Fine Art in Wynwood alongside Murakami's, Hirst's and Warhol's. 
2239 nw 2nd ave