#queclasetipa: Emilie of Lilibon

miami nice talks to Emilie, designer of Lilibon swimwear, a modern, classic swim line that's so beautiful you just might want to wear it as lingerie and paired with jean shorts...
Just to clarify, before I get started, your bio on your website says you grew up summering on Harbour Island, and lived in Arles and Morocco. You live here now, so where did Miami fit into that story?

I think Miami is a good mix of all of those places and yet a totally new place for me to discover. Miami has a great beach life, an interesting culture and feels like an island. Miami is the middle of it all, there are always people that you know coming through and it fits so well to the bathing suits! 

You’d prefer to go by designer of not just swimwear but “beach lingerie” what is the difference? Is it a bit like the innate distinction between granny panties vs. Kiki de Montparnasse?  
I always thought that going to the water with your  lace underwear/lingerie was much sexier than a real official swimsuit, so I decided to create something in between and for most pieces you can totally wear them under your clothes.  
Let’s talk about Miami. Where are your favorite places to shop, most importantly where are your favorite secret places to shop?
Miami is still new to me, but so far what I really like to do is to go  to the flea market on Lincoln Road on Sundays, it's such a great market I always find really cool things and inspirations. Last weekend I got two old racks from Sak's Fifth Avenue from the 40's!  
Favorite place to people watch?
THE BEACH OF COURSE, I don't even open my book! 
Best hole-in-the-wall to grab a bite? Drink?
I love to go for coffee and lunch to Las Olas, the Mojitos at Tap Tap are great, and sometimes they have cool live reggae music. For a special diners I have a place that I really enjoy going to ...I'm not sure I want to give the name of it... Maybe I'll give you a hint: it's the name of a goddess in Greek. 
Any Miamians you find particularly stylish?
Old people here are super stylish I think.
Mermaids, sand dollars and pin ups are just some of the inspiration for Lilibon, does Miami ever factor into the inspiration boards? Anywhere or things in specific?
I'm really turned on by the nature here and also the late afternoon light, it's always a little hard for me to talk about my inspiration, it's very abstract to me 
You’ve worked as a florist; do you have any favorite native flowers or trees? I’m personally a big flamboyant tree fan…
I'm a big fan of tuberose it reminds me of India, I always try to have a flower print in my collections. 

Ok, last, but most important question: If you could give all of Miami a makeover what would it look like?
I would not change anything I love it as it is, otherwise it would not be Miami.