quick cuban-inspired-báhn-mì recipe



we've touted the versatility, and the health benefits, of a turkey picadillo. We promised making a big batch would warrant many quick, tasty left-over options. Behold, the quick Cuban inspired bahn mi. 

The bahn mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that's become quite popular in street food culture around the world, most notably in hipster hotspots like Williamsburg and San Fran. It's a sandwich on a baguette with a couple kinds of pig (usually pate, grilled sausage, pork patties), pickled vegetables, cilantro, cucumber, carrots, mayo and some spicy sauces. 

I've yet to find the bahn-mi in Miami done right (someone please correct me and point me towards one I can get, like, ASAP, like right now) - and it's a mystery why. Pork. Cilantro. Bread. This is the makings of the perfect Miami meal. 

We've repurposed our turkey picadillo leftovers into a quick version of a bahn-mi inspired 'wich. We'll call this one the leftover bahn-mi because one day we'll get around to a more authentic version, with Cuban bread, pickled veg and a homemade mayonnaise - but this will do for those turkey picadillo leftovers and some potato bread you have around. 

The Quick Cuban Inspired Leftover Bahn Mi:

Carrot and cucumbers, thinly sliced (I recommend using a mandolin if you have one, if not, get on Amazon and order one it's a tool that makes you feel like an Iron Chef in the kitchen and easily produces perfectly proportioned slices) 

Hoisin (an Asian BBQ sauce available at all grocery stores) 

Turkey picadillo 


Potato slider buns 


Cilantro, chopped