the black key group opens up doors in north miami beach

Izzy and Whitney of The Black Key Group are bad ass managers of some of the coolest local bands Miami's got like Jacob Jeffries Band, Suenalo, and Raffa & Rainer. Yeah, that's probably a list of all your Friday night favorites, if not get on iTunes on the double. More importantly though, they're nice. 
We asked Izzy and Whitney to give us a tour of North Miami Beach, the hood that houses their postered headquarters and tip us off to the real local dives they frequent when they need to get clear their minds from taking Miami's biggest and best music names to the big, big leagues. 
Three dives in North Miami Beach... dive bars, dive eats... 
Miami Juice, Billy's Pub, and the empanadas on the 167th Winn Dixie shopping center are the real deal.
Three places you guys grab lunch from on the reg... 
Kebab Indian Restaurant (can never get enough curry!), Here Comes the Sun (mmm sun sauce) and Panya (Thai restaurant..hands down best Pad Thai)
How'd you choose this area for your headquarters and what have you discovered since then about the hood? 
Cheap rent and best thrifting on our lunch breaks
Anything else about the neighborhood you want to share? 
All the random treasures are on 163rd..if you don't know what that means, grab our hand we'll walk you through it. Oh yeah, and of course we have a Barnes & Noble which is hard to come across in sunny South Florida.