visit like a local: touristy places worth visiting

visit venetian pool


Venetian Pool has probably been peed in by every kid that ever went to summer camp in Miami's history, but it's still worth visiting. if you're tired of the beach, a bit over the crowds playing their boomboxes way too loud or are into visiting historical places, Venetian Pool should be on your radar for a way to spend the day. Venetian Pool, in Coral Gables, is the only pool on the National Register of Historic Places and is a truly beautiful place. If you've seen From Justin To Kelly, you may remember it - if you've been trying to forget that time you saw From Justin To Kelly, you may not remember it. The pool was once used for neighborhood concerts and synchronized swimming  and the old-timey charm is palpable. Don your best high waist suit and get ready for some good Instagram pictures. 

take an airboat ride 


Some people totally forget that on a Miami vacation you can visit a National Park that's a nature-filled experience somewhat akin to a visit to the Grand Canyon. Take an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades while you're visiting Miami, we're pretty sure your jaw will drop at just how wild and amazing it is. You'll see alligators (and maybe crocodiles, the Everglades are both fresh and saltwater, so it's one of the only places in the world you can see them both in the same place) and other endangered animals in their natural habitats and get a glimpse at what all of Florida looked like before it was taken over by another kind of wild animal. 

people-watch on lincoln road 




Lincoln Road is sure to be on just about any cheesy-touristy-itinerary that you find of Miami. This walkable street is basically an outdoor mall that runs across South Beach and the shoping is mostly "eh," but you will find some shops worth popping into, an architectural beauty of a parking lot and tons of freaks. The people watching on Lincoln Road is world-class. You'll see a pleasant combination of Euro-trash, fake boobs (take a look at the mannequins for an idea of what a triple GGG looks like), families, South Americans stocking up on home goods, Hassidic Jews, gays, dogs, hipsters; basically, a bit of everyone on a single street. Go to the stores on the base floor of 1111 Lincoln Road, the aforementioned parking garage, including one a few stories up (in the middle of the parking garage) where you'll find Alchemy a boutique with a top-notch collection of contemporary designers and really top-notch prices.


venetian pool image via mia bella events , lincoln road via dowkimbrell , airboat via miamibeach411