where the celebs hang in Miami: admit it, you're curious


 the Soho House is an exclusive, international members-only hotel and club - if that doesn't scream celeb spotting I don't know what does. In one recent visit we saw, Alessandra Ambrosio poolside (buzzkill), Russell Simons, Steven Tyler learning to use a cell phone, a New York Housewife (ugh, lets not even give the satisfaction of saying who) and, wait for it, Martha Muthafucking Stewart kids. Have lunch or dinner at Cecconi's if you don't have a friend that can get you into the rest of the club. 


 1111 Lincoln Road is a parking lot, seriously, like that kind of parking lot, the kind that parks cars, that charges big bucks to double as an event space, so you know that you'll see a famous face or two while you're there. If you can't snag an invite to a party in this Herzog and de Meuron building, you can always visit the ulta-luxury boutique, The Alchemist, that's permanently installed on one of the garage's upper floors. 


 The Raleigh hosts Miami Swim Fashion week, an official Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, once a year in the middle of the summer heat, and you're sure to spot someone cool hanging out poolside, but if you're visiting during Basel, in early December, they've been known to host a fancy dinner party or two. Fun fact: Chanel hosted a 2009 Resort fashion show in this pool featuring Olympic synchronized swimming team. 


 Faena is a developing property in Miami Beach that's creatively helmed by Baz Luhrmann. It doesn't actually exist yet, the above image is a rendering, but we anticipate that when it opens the Luhrmann name will attract some serious stars - we're hoping for Leo and Kate. 


the dutch at The W, and pretty much anywhere at the W including the inhouse club, The Wall (below). 


top three photos via vogue.com, 1111 lincoln road by vanityfair.com, the raleigh via raleighhotel.com, faena via vanity fair