you learn something new everyday: where to take workshops and classes



ZEN VILLAGE, Coconut Grove: Zen Village is a cross cultural interfaith Buddhist temple and community wellness center. You've probably driven right past it on Main Highway, it's a big, bright green building with a really bright energy and giant Buddha statue outfront. If you've never been inside, it's beautiful and serene and all-in-all a totally unique experience lead by Master Tsai, the local healer and leader. If you're like me and talk about how you want to be a Buddhist but don't really know what that means, here's your chance. If you're more advanced and intouch with your spirital-self, you'll find a whole community of like-minded zen-ers to connect with in classes like Intro To Buddhism, Intro To Zen Living, Kundalini Yoga, Tea Ceremonies, Family Circle Candlelit Dinners



THE TATTOOED BEEKEEPER: is a "South Florida Survival Company." So, if you're the type with a getaway plan and a just-in-case bag ready to go, you should sign up for his classes on Bee Removal, Backyard Beekeeping and Benefits of Keeping Bees so that you can live of the land and harvest honey after the appocolypse. 




CHRISTY MASKERONI: has a lot of acronyms after her name including MS, RD, CPT. At first I thought this was short for Miss Red Carpet and she was some kind of glitzy club-goer red carpet gal by night and paddleboard yoga teacher by day, but then I read her Facebook page and realized it meant she had way more academic accolades than most people need from a paddleboard yoga teacher including a degree from Columbia University and a background as a nutritionist. Christy teaches regular classes from Coconut Grove's Dinner Key Marina where she gives you the chance to strengthen, stretch and explore the mangroves. 




THE FREEHAND: Everyone is invited to free yoga on the beach courtesy of The Freehand. Saturday mornings at 10:15, which is early, but not too early because usually everything that involved Saturday morning is somehow scheduled at 7:15 for those freak humans who either have no life or aren't fans of sleeping/drinking/Friday nights. It's on the beach right across from The Freehand, and you can always head to their pool to cool off after?Just a thought... 



MIAMI DADE CULINARIUM: Everyone needs basic knife skills, not everyone needs Classical and Contemporary, Custards, Creams and Mousses, but the Miami Dade Culinarium has that too. Located in a state-of-the-art facility in Downtown, the Culinarium offers Continuing Education classes for everyone with a few free hours to learn how to weild a knife. Classes range from semester-long to workshops that only last a few hours. Consider taking Cakes, Cookies, Cuisine of Asia, Basic Bread Baking, Haitian Cuisine, Lotsa Pasta, Pad Thai and more. 




FAIRCHILD: If you've killed everything from the basil plant you casually picked up at Whole Foods thinking you'd never need to buy basil again in your life, to the 100 year old oak in your backyard (it lasted through Andrew but you killed it!) you could use some lessons on how to get a greener thumb. At Fairchild, they've got a busy schedule of workshops and classes ranging from tours of private gardens to lectures on how to grow herbs in South Florida. Turns out, there's a little more to gardening than giving your plant water whenever you remember... 




LAB MIAMI: the LAB is a "campus for social and tech innovation." They've gotten a ton of write-ups about how they're helping define Miami as a growin tech and entreprenuerial hub and you can be one of them! Feel apaprt of the up-and-coming brainiacs and sign up for a membership or some workshops including coding, hacking and all those words that mean you're about to make a billion dollars. 


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