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    the giant lobster on the drive down to the keys had a baby and it's called The Old Road Art Gallery. Said giant lobster, also known... Read more
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  start reading now, the Cafe Curuba / Miami Nice Book Club (I swear we'll come up with a better name soon) is reading "A Visit From the... Read more
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  i spent a day at the Hard Rock in Bayside eating a messy (but seriously good!) burger with maduros and pulled pork and walking around Little Havana... Read more
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  the soon-to-be-fanciest building in Coconut Grove, if not all of Miami, hosted a fashion show by Cuban-American fashion designer Isabel Toledo. A duo who are married and... Read more
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 here's what you'll look at from the outdoor seating at Made 2 Order in The Keys. Below is what you'll eat - fish and grits - mahi served... Read more
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  i've been introduced to the idyllic life of picking a mango a day from my backyard and I don't know if I'll ever be able to go... Read more
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        first of all, did you know that flamingoes aren't born pink? Second, did you know there's an island in the Bahamas with a flamingo population... Read more
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all hail the chai "mylk" at Temple in South Miami.  I'll try just about any vegan place (so if you know of one and haven't seen it covered on... Read more
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  once in a while, inspiration strikes and its so damn clear that all must be dropped in the pursuit of a good DIY. Such was the case... Read more
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There's a nice event tonight at Bardot called Young Artist Initiative. "Young" "Artist" and "Initiative" are all words that catch my attention, so I decided to have a little... Read more
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